Calcium Chloride pellets are simply another form of calcium chloride. They are round in shape and have many uses. Perhaps the most wide and effective used is for the melting of ice on roadways and sidewalks.

It´s one of the best products you can use to melt snow and ice.

De-Ice and Defrost by Using Calcium Chloride Pellets

The chemical compound calcium chloride has long been recognized as one of the most effective agents for melting snow and ice. A potent substance, it is used by many governmental agencies as a de-icing agent before a snow or ice storm hits.

Many de-icing agents are ineffective below a certain temperature (20 degrees Celsius). So, you have to be knowledgeable and do some research when shopping for ice melting agents, for each have different properties. Some work bettering warmer temperatures, some work better in colder temperatures and some harm plants and animals.

So it´s important know what you´re getting. Take rock salt, for example. It is used as a snow and ice melter, but is ineffective once the temperature reaches dips below a certain level (about 20 degrees Celsius or so). After that, it’s just sitting on the ice and not doing anything. Furthermore, it gets crushed up by automobiles and then is circulated in the air as an annoying dust. This can cause damage to plants and waterways.

Calcium chloride on the other hand, can work in temperatures way below zero (eg, up to 25 degrees below). Calcium chloride pellets rapidly slice through frozen surfaces, undercutting ice and melting it quickly.

Calcium chloride pellets are used by many private individuals as well. Retail shopkeepers, as well as private citizens like to use calcium chloride pellets because they do their job without harming concrete sidewalks and driveways. After snow and ice have melted, it’s a good idea to sweep walkways and entrances into homes and buildings to prevent tracking any chlorides into the building.

Because calcium chloride pellets don´t harm concrete, it is great for roads and highways because that means there are less potholes created that have to be filled.

Calcium chloride pellets are packaged in boxes in a variety of sizes, eg, 25 to 80 pound bags; in boxes up to 100 pounds; and in drum sizes. So, you can purchase as much or as little as you need.

A tip for deicing your roof: Cleaning ice dams from rooftops can be a dangerous job that can be largely eliminated by doing the following. Simply put some calcium chloride pellets in the legs of a pair of nylon hosiery. Then, place these in your home’s gutters in the affected areas. Ice dams should dissipate in no time.

Other Desired Features Found in Calcium Chloride Pellets

Calcium chloride pellets are odorless and colorless, doesn´t leave a powdery residue and if used correctly, won´t harm vegetation. It also requires fewer applications than other deicers, which means you save time and money keeping up with what Mother Nature throws your way, which can be unpredictable.