Through all four seasons, local governments often find themselves stocking up on bulk calcium chloride. Farmers, small businesses and stadium caretakers almost always have a few bags of bulk calcium chloride stacked away. The compound has so many uses and is so easily stored and supplied that bulk calcium chloride is one of the most popular chemical products currently available. No matter what the time of year there is almost always a reason to have a load of bulk calcium chloride in the storage shed.

Ice removal is probably the best know application for bulk calcium chloride. The white flake variety of the chemical is often used by itself to quickly melt ice off roadways and sidewalks. People who think ahead put bulk calcium chloride down in advance of an ice event; a light salting can prevent ice from forming. It can also be used in combination with other de-icing agents for an even more formidable ice breaking action. Many municipalities like it because it moves easily through all sorts of salting and spreading devices making the need for multiple methods of application unnecessary.

While spreading bulk calcium chloride is relatively easy with the proper equipment, take care to keep it away from skin, throat and eyes as it can cause irritation. This is especially true if is left on an affected area for any length of time. Wear rubber boots and gloves when handling, mixing or applying bulk calcium chloride as it can be extremely corrosive.

In addition to its effectiveness as a de-icer and its ease of use in a variety of de-icing devices, bulk calcium chloride is well known for its ability to tamp down dust. The same localities that use bulk calcium chloride to melt ice during the winter many times use it to settle down the dust on work sites and rural roads during the rest of the year. Once again calcium chloride is found to be easy to mix and put down. It also spreads evenly with very little unwanted build up. Another advantage that makes the compound popular is the fact that once applied bulk calcium chloride settles quickly and stays set once placed.

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Bulk calcium chloride also makes itself right at home on the athletic field. Groundskeepers use it to control dust up on athletic fields, running paths and in areas where the field and the fan may come in contact. Little league fields, soccer fields as well as most other athletic team fields rely on it to keep their premises well groomed and prepared as playing surfaces.

While there are other substances that might fill the bill when it comes to the ways in which bulk calcium chloride can be used, few other compounds fill so many niches so well. Not only can the chemical be used in a host of ways, bulk calcium chloride is also cost effective, easily stored and long lasting while stored. Few chemicals meet so many needs as well and as cheaply as this chemical.